In Search of Great London Pubs

On January 21, 2012, in London pubs, by Jonno
St Pauls in London

Just one of the fantastic sights of London

London is such a fantastic city with so much culture and history. But at the end of the day when the museums and shop are closed, there is nothing better than dropping into one of London’s historic or local pubs. Many pubs scream with history at you when you walk in. The charm and character of these London pubs make you comfortable straight away. But as a traveller to London, which pubs should you visit?


Find Hidden London Pubs

There are over 7,000 pubs in London and many of them are a little bit grotty. When you are travelling to London we know you don’t have time to go all over London looking for the best pubs. Troy and Jonno are proud to have produced Best London Pubs iPhone app. A great app for the iPhone showing you over 100 of London’s Best Pubs. We have visited a lot of pubs in London and whittled it down to the best. But we know you can’t get to 140 odd pubs in your vacation here, so we have our favourites. Our favourites are the pubs that we tell our mates to visit so you can be sure of a great location. But we know you may not have the time to get across London, so the Best London Pubs iPhone app will find you a great London pub closely.


All the Best London Pubs on your iPhone

Cross Keys in Covent Garden

A great pub in Covent Garden

Best London Pubs showcases London’s best pubs. All the pubs in the app are reflective of how a pub should be, we have deliberately not included pubs with dominating TVs and fruit machines blaring away in the middle of the pub. Any town has pubs like that and we know when you come to London you want the best and that’s what Best London Pubs iPhone app is all about.  Theme pubs and Irish pubs are not included, so your pub experience will be a truly London experience.


The Best Pub Walks in the World!

If you are staying longer and want to experience some great walks though London why not try the London Pub Crawls iPhone or Android app from the London Pub Crawl Company. 40 great walks with 4 smashing pubs each total to 160 terrific London pubs. A great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

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